1. Kuttner was entertaining. It’s funny. While he was praising Lynchburg, he also subtly put down Charlottesville, where he happens to live.

    Lynchburg has dramatically increased its technical/engineering learning opportunities in the last decade or so. In addition to the program offered at Sweet Briar, there is an engineering program at Lynchburg College that is partnered with Old Dominion University and the University of Virginia. On a more vocational level, AREVA and Central Virginia Community College have partnered to offer a work-study program where students can earn an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in nuclear technologies in about three years. They earn a pretty good salary while doing it too.

  2. Cars like E2’s could drastically change the way we fuel our transportation. If the efficiency of the vehicle is high enough, the price of fuel no longer becomes a significant part of the total life cycle cost (just like nuclear fission). This opens up the possibility of using waste heat form nuclear to synthesize fuel. Even if this method produces fuel at $5/gallon, the price wouldn’t be much of a factor because the interest on the car loan and auto insurance would probably be a more significant cost.

    1. John,
      how do you think is possible to produce liquid fuels using (only ?)” waste” heat from nuclear plants ? I see it very unlikely, if not actually impossible at all

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