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    I know it sounds as tin-foil hat and conspiratorial as hell, but I firmly believe Jaco was put in place there by a green-infested administration to frustrate and stall the progress and positive image of nuclear power to allow “green” energy projects to take root and surpass. It would seem natural to me were I running the NRC to _aggressively_ assuage the public’s qualms and mis-education about nuclear energy these days just by broadcasting PSA facts that no one was even injured at Fukushima — or TMI — and that radiation levels in the region are even less than other inhabited regions in the world and almost no other industry has a lower incidence of worker/public injuries or damage, etc. You can do this without appearing to be a gov’t cheerleader for the nuclear industry just as part of your task to get the facts out about the industry you’re oversighting. I mean you’d think an agency would be clucking to the public way more about the unreal safety record it’s maintained — could the FAA head make similar claims? It’s crazy neglect and PR ineptness! Bad enough the media is inherently anti-nuclear for mislaid anti-war/”green” reasons, but Jaco (and his predecessors) have simply sat back and let others defame their own mission and slur nuclear energy without rebuttal or correction or lie-countering education in media and schools. To see constant anti-nuclear quotes and rants by “nuclear consultants” like Mika(sp?) going totally unchallenged on media news and cable “science” shows is galling. Even NASA does a better job of promoting and justifying its existence — and that’s saying a lot! The top honchos of this site can run the NRC better than fifty years worth of NRC commissioners.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

    1. James the people who are against nukes do not build renewable energy projects. The lawyers who file actions to stop nuke plants file actions against renewable energy projects. Ironically suing some of the same arguments. I have checked a couple of example of those who promote conservation. They all live in big houses and use more electricity than me.

      Dig deeper and you will find that Obama is not promoting renewable energy but award those who support him politically. If you would graph new capacity coming on line for each segment of renewable energy, I think you would find that with friends like Obama who needs enemies.

      1. Miss your point by a mile. Forget opportunistic lawyers; Ask Vermont anti-nukers whether they don’t think renewables are in the cards for support once they shut Yankee down — and I doubt 95% live in big houses or don’t want to raze a couple of forests to perch windmills in than continuing to cower in fear of bogeyman nuke next door. They are most all common folks who’ve had the nuclear fear of Christ shoved up their gullible ignorance — er, low science quotients, by crusading philosophically-driven ban nuclear-anything “moralists” out to punish the atom for what it at Hiroshima which is all the credible cause they have because their long hawked ammo about Doomsday meltdowns and mega death from nuclear accidents has puckered out in spades. And that’s an AWFULLY strange thing to say about Obama “not promoting renewable energy” after his half-billion dollar mash note to a green firm got exposed down the toilet. That’s one lousy overpriced return in calling your markers for just a few thousand company votes there. The man has said from day one he was into pop “Green” energy hook and by crook to land cluelessly idealistic college students and nuclear-spooked constituents and outright stated he wants to shut down coal for touchy-feely “green” energy instead, and I take him serious for his word and deeds, effective or not. Ask several ten thousand poor oil workers shafted in the Gulf.

        James Greenidge
        Queens NY

  2. So Jaczko’s apology turns out to be, sadly but perhaps predictably, that unpleasantly common phenomenon, the “non-pology”.

  3. I have to say I find it hilarious that “Diaper” Dave Vitter is lecturing or questioning anyone on how to interact with women.

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