1. That this administration appointed Greg Jaczko and is pushing NG development and export is not a coincidence I am beginning to think.

  2. It’s disgusting. It seems they do not even bother for veiled attempts. I had the fortune to meet most of the current/recent commissioners, and was so impressed by all but one. As far as plans for the NRC, Jaczko’s major plans had little to do with either safety or progress of the industry– it was to make sure inspectors had ipads and smart phones to document and communicate issues with. He was basically refused to answer my question (in 2009) whether the administration’s support for environmental issues and “green” energy would translate to nuclear power.

  3. How does one discuss the content or import of a Congressman’s letter if one is unable to read it? Come on Rod, your posting is useless without your readers being able to read Issa’s letter.

    And, no, I’m not “intellectually lazy” as no doubt will be the accusation from one of your website hyenas. I have searched online for the letter, and have been unable to locate it.

      1. I wonder how much the timing of this letter from Issa (with the reminders about not lying to Congress and all) and the timing of Jaczko’s resignation are related?

  4. After reading that letter, I wonder if the organization Women in Nuclear (WiN) might at some point be interested in issuing some type of statement?

    1. If nothing else, it shows the guy is a lousy manager. You just don’t treat your employees that way, no matter what the issues might be. Business is business, and I feel no sympathy for a manager who can’t keep his own temper under control in matters of business. Professional people find ways to work things out in a civil manner. There is no excuse for humiliating your employees.

  5. So how can the ever enlightened magnificiently Dear Leader keep Jaczko as Chairman after this damning report?


    And hey, how about those women rights and Obama’s going to take care of women like that Julia cartoon he made up? Yeah, right! Who is it that really thinks that women are so helpless but a democrat President and his lackey Jaczko who thinks he can demean, deride, ridicule and damn them with complete impunity. Perhaps women need to embrace the Second Amendment. God knows I do!

    Yeah, Brian Mays. I am old fashion. 1776 style!

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