1. Apparently, NYC itself is supporting Indian Point and petitioning to intervene on the grounds that they already have extremely high electrical rates and if Indian Point closes, they’ll go higher, and further, carbon reduction targets won’t be able to be met.
    Pleasant surprise, but it’s logical, Indian Point is NYC’s “oil”, one might say, seeing as the city is the only one in the country that is nearly totally dependent on electrified public transit, and is, therefore, one of the lowest-carbon urban areas in the country. (Personal note of family pride: My granddad worked for ConEd; he did enough of the engineering for the traction power grid in NYC from the 1920s to the 1960s that he could point out to my Dad where his work was when they were traveling into the city on a train; some of his work’s undoubtedly still in use. Unfortunately, he passed on in 1973, so I never got to know him.)
    I wouldn’t call it over by a long shot, but the battle there is going retrograde for the antis.

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