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  1. 3 things that are of interest:

    Candus are used
    2 reactors were mothballed for 20 years and refurbished recently
    Bruce Power is the biggest nuclear plant operating in the world today in terms of capacity

    The province next door, Quebec, has a new moratorium on uranium mining.

  2. Bruce Power is one of my company’s customers. I say horray for Bruce Power. Thanks, Rod!

  3. I was so excited by this video that I cross-posted it on Facebook. Thanks, again, Rod. A devout friend of mine in the Church who lives in Canada responded as follows:

    “Go Nuclear, stop wind turbines and solar panels! Do you work with Darlington as well?”

    It seems as though Canadians – at least some of them who aren’t even “nukes” – don’t necessarily share our apathy toward (if not antipathy against) all things nuclear. This is heartening but given what Daniel pointed out, sadly not universal or “catholic”. Sorry, folks. I simply couldn’t help the pun. We all need humor this morning! πŸ˜‰

  4. Good point Rod about utility advertising that urges customers to use less. It’s that legacy that is part of the reason for the gap in public knowledge about energy choices. People think electricity is bad, even if the electricity comes with emissions that are measurably much lower than the alternatives. And — surprise surprise — the purveyors of the alternatives are not at all shy about selling their product.

    1. Here in the USA, we often see the utility advertising urging people to use less electricity because it is part of the requirements in rate adjustment cases when those utilities go to their state utility commissions.

      1. @donb

        And what leader allowed that to happen without a strong battle defending the right of any corporation to advertise the benefits of its product? Sometimes I wonder if there are any business people in utility companies.

        1. @Rod Adams

          Good question. If there are any business people left in the utility companies, they have to face up to the state politicians who paint themselves as ‘greener than thou’ with the conservation promotion requirements. And the utilities have to just grin and bear it because the utility commissions have significant control over the utility’s purse strings.

  5. Hi all,

    Rod was mentioned in the NY Times, according to Bill/William Tucker !

    Why am I the last one to know ?

    Here is the link:


    Here is the quoted text:

    But the NY Times even took the trouble to balance its story with a comment from our own dear Rod Adams of Atomic Insights. β€œA former engineering officer on a nuclear submarine who favors nuclear energy, [Adams] cited studies that argued that areas around Fukushima should be reoccupied, and wrote on his blog that while the new proposed limits are virtually unchanged, β€˜the limits could be relaxed by a factor of 50 and still keep the public safe.’” Times are changing.

  6. It is worth observing that Ontario’s emissions intensity of electricity generation is less than the 50 g/kWh recommended by the UK government’s Climate Change Committee as a 2030 target if overall emissions targets are to be met.

    There may be some chance that the UK can achieve that if it can get new nuclear build under way. As a comparison, Germany has no chance at all of achieving 50 g/kWh by 2030.

    1. Re: “For a long time there were 104…If Arnie has his way with San Onofre 2&3, there remain 100.”

      Truly alarming and dismaying that it was just 104 for so long! I can see antis warping this into; “See, jittery America? We’re having an affect!! Join us so your kids can sleep peaceful and nuke-free!”

      James Greenidge
      Queens NY

    1. I should have said “less than a 1000 people outside the utility industry or the Atlanta media market”.

      There was some local coverage, but nowhere near the frenzy always generated by pushing the magic “nuclear” ratings-booster button.

      1. Like the explosion in a coal and biomass power plant last year in Nijmegen the Netherlands. Not as destructive an accident as in the Atlanta plant, though I don’t know what it looked like inside. A steam pipe was overpressured, leading to a boiler explode or rupture. It did make the national news, but was already almost forgotten the next day. Now if it would have happened at our NPP in Borssele, it would still be in the news.

        1. Messed up the link, I see. It should say: Like the explosion in a coal and biomass power plant last year in Nijmegen…etc. The link itself does work.

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