1. Minor correction. The name of the man behind 5-Minute Nuclear is Alec Herbert.

    Thanks for the mention. It is the students that deserve the thanks and the laurels for having the courage to attend and interface with a group of stodgy, old-school overlords of the industry.

    We do intend to make this a regular thing. The youth of the industry must engage the older outgoing generation and endeavour to create a congenial and productive hand-off.

  2. Rod makes these events come to live for people who couldn’t attend. Makes me wish I could be there and learn more from all these excellent (young) people!

  3. Rod, thank you for this post. I had the pleasure of meeting Ed Pheil at a local ANS section meeting, and I was impressed with Elysium’s plans.

    I don’t know how often it is mentioned about MSRs of various types, but the aluminum industry has been using molten salts for decades. Molten salts are an integral part of refining aluminum. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium_smelting

    I write this because it is perhaps too easy to think of anything that uses molten salts as using a “new exotic technology.” Like all technologies, MSRs will build on existing technical knowledge.

    1. Hmmm, that makes me wonder if perhaps there is any areas for MSR collaboration between ORNL and Alcoa, with the town/city of Alcoa being a mere 30-ish miles down I-140/Pellissippi Parkway from Oak Ridge.

      1. The aluminum industry uses a lot of electricity. The Pacific Northwest used to have several aluminum manufacturers placed there since they had the use of cheap abundant hydroelectric power. Perhaps history could repeat itself with an aluminum industry obtaining power from the newer style nuclear reactors.

        Thanks for the article.

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