Kairos Power Is Hiring For Hybrid Natural Gas-Nuclear Power System 1


  1. They should focus on the Air-brayton Combined Cycle part more than the FHR part. By decoupling the balance of plant from the reactor, they can bring it to fruition more quickly. Coal, other new gen nuclear, CSP, even geothermal can benefit from this technology. The income from that can then go into realizing the FHR.

  2. I have been following the development of the Mark 1 Reactor design at the University of California, Berkley for some time. The design is promising as a source of base load power, that could also produce added peak load electricity. By using existing GE Combined cycle, and linking a nuclear power source on to the front in. The reactor itself offers an inting design that bombines peffle Bed fuel with Molten Salt cooling.

  3. One of the major technical problems for molten salt designs, all of them, seems to be proving out the long term corrosion resistance of the reactor vessel and primary plumbing. Hopefully, the several companies promoting these designs can collaborate on the corrosion issue and focus limited startup funds on the particulars of their individual designs, as opposed pumping out their various internally made white papers on the pros and cons of Hastelloy-N, etc.

    1. @Falstaff

      The solution being implemented at at least two of the major molten salt reactor designers is to treat the materials that are exposed to high temperature salt and a neutron flux as replaceable components that only need to last for 4-7 years instead of 60 years. Apparently there are known and proven materials that can resist corrosion in hot molten salt environments as long as they are not also embrittled by irradiation.

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