1. Is there a smart natural gas pipline? They have to be built at a cost to the rate payer. Rate payers install gas fired heating and then are stuck with highter rates down the road.
    Distributed Nuclear Power needs no smart grid and is a better choice than Natural Gas in view of climate change that includes major demographic changes. Distributed Nuclear Power can be relocated.
    Natural Gas will be depleted in short order if the climate takes a turn to very cold. Nuclear Power will be there 24/7 no matter how long the cold spell lasts.

  2. Do they have to use water to take out rock with so much side effects? Can’t they try in situ gasification of kerogen in the shale?
    Nuclear steam could contribute part or whole of heat required for the reactions.
    Ash resulting from the process is likely to be a better solution than ‘Fracking’ to reach further from the borehole.

  3. I would strongly recommend listening to the recent radio magazine episode of “This American Life”, #440 titled “Game Changer” which chronicles the development of the Marcellus gas in recent years.
    One thing that was made incredibly clear to me is that a of major reason that the cost of this gas is so low, in addition to what you have posted previously is that they are able to dump the byproducts, into the local environment, which is a de-facto subsidy. As RFK Jr puts it so succinctly, by ruining the local streams they are privatizing a public resource, without having to pay for it, or its consequences. If they had to build the facilities to recycle and or safely dispose of their wastes (never-mind the C02!) they wouldn’t be so cheap.

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