1. I suppose you have to admire loyalty, but there may still come a time when the burden of carrying Jaczko may be more than Markey wants to invest in.

    Correction for you Rod: The Vogtle design safety report was Aug 2011.

  2. Markey is a Democrat. That says it all.

    BTW, Walker wins. Union thuggery is being recognized for what it is.

    Long live the Republic and the Constitution!

  3. Markey can say whatever he wants, what matters is whether anyone listens. Personally, I have been a Democrat my whole life, but I stopped paying any attention to Markey decades ago … he’s ridiculous.

  4. Is it in the charter of the NRC IG to have a role in safety. Typically the IG has no operational role and is there only to ensure internal compliance. What Markey said seems fishy.

  5. There was a time when the political reporters in the major media would pick up on stunts like this and blow the bad actor out of the water. This is seldom seen now. I like to think this is because the major media have fallen on hard times. Other less charitable explanations are that reporters have become lazy or that the major media have become lap dogs of the political process.

    Instead, we have bloggers filling the void. Good work, Rod!

  6. Does anyone have a clear idea of why anti-nuclear obstructionism has become such a trademark for Markey? His various bios out there don’t say much about it.

    1. I have a theory that Markey is well supported by natural gas interests, especially those who import natural gas into the lucrative northeast power market. Getting rid of plants like Maine Yankee, Indian Point 1, Connecticut Yankee, and Yankee Rowe helped to make that market what it is today, but his supporters eyes are set on what it might be if antinuclear activism can shut down Vermont Yankee, Indian Point and Pilgrim.

      I have expanded upon that theory in the following posts:



  7. My last message was posted at 4:50 … It is 4:50 and 2 seconds later it appears.

    Have the delay problems been solved ?

  8. Rod,

    I am getting near real time posting on my comments. I reckon the response time issues are behind us.

  9. The report was due a week ago. Wanna bet its under the rugs somewhere in Washington and will never be made public now that Dr J has left the building.

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