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        1. @Joel – we all go through ups and downs, though I guess mine can be higher and lower than most. It was getting tiring to keep reading about how cheap natural gas is going to save us – especially when those words are coming from people who are supposedly leaders in the nuclear industry.

          I guess my feeling of slight betrayal is somewhat similar to the way a Red Sox fan would feel if his team owner was filmed clapping and cheering as Derek Jeter hit a home run.

        2. Hi Rod. I’m sure you’ve noticed natural gas prices seem to have seen their bottom under $2 and are heading up. Arthur Berman has already shown convincingly (at the oildrum website http://www.theoildrum.com/node/8212) that the economics of shale gas development probably begin around $8 or $9 /mmBTU. So the current very low natural gas prices around $2 are only a temporary blip in the scale of things.

          I’m betting the long-term natural gas prices will average around $6 to $8 at least, up from around $4 historically, assuming that natural gas production (at least in the US) will increasingly depend on unconventional natural gas production. Do you agree? Is that what has lifted your spirits? 😉

  1. If you like Science Fiction, the ‘Culture’ SF novels by Iain M. Banks might appeal to you (I enjoyed ‘Look to Windward’). The Culture is described as a post-scarcity society. 40 Trillion humans live on various planets or constructs with every conceivable need satisfied … by advanced technology. It’s a lot nicer future to imagine than squatting in a grass hut.

    1. In Banks’ Culture, however these humans are basically pets, kept by the Minds, who are artificial intelligences which run everything.

      While the books are entertaining, I personally would not care to live in such a society.

  2. Fred Thompson:

    Former Vice President Al Gore refuted claims that global warning is a myth, saying that 98% of the worlds’ scientists agree.

    Coincidentally, the same 98% who survive by angling for government grants.


    I don’t “believe in” global warming. It’s not a religion to me. But to the liberal progressive atheist whose life lacks a God, he has to make one up to fill the vacuum.

    At the same time it’s wrong to dump pollution into the atmosphere and water. God made us in His image and likeness and He expects us to behave accordingly – with a sense of responsibility and accountability. God gave Adam and Eve dominion over the Earth so that they would be careful stewards of His creation. But those two words – responsibility and accountability – are forever anathema to the liberal progressive just as they were (and are) to the Serpent. BTW, exactly WHAT are you guys progressing towards? Is that like the right to choose? Choose what? Murder?

    Nope, no goddess Gaia for me.

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