1. “I have no idea why someone hasn’t firmly explained to the Senator that constant readiness to prevent squads or platoons of heavily armed terrorists from attacking the United States is not a private industry responsibility”

    Exactly!! This is why I believe security at Nuclear Power Plants should be the responsibility of the Federal Government. If terrorists fly jets into skyscrapers and now the NRC believes the largest department at a Nuclear Power Plant needs to be security……then the Federal Government should be financially responsible for providing that security, NOT the utility.

      1. It’s coded under 10FR73.55, for operating plants. For the record, exercises have been run for the last 10+ years and have effectively demonstrated the mission. As someone intimately familiar (and responsible) for running and coordinating these exercises, it is insane to continue them at this point, based upon the costs and ever increasing ridiculousness imposed by the NRC and the contractors who can pretty much dream up any scenario you can imagine. We’ve finally moved to the NRC observing our performance during the required annual security drills we run in-house, which is a step in the right direction. It was also never really necessary to boost security levels to where they’ve been; that was a pure political play by Markey and friends based on myths about the susceptibility of the so called airline attacks. The risk is just not there. The same goes for spent fuel canisters; anyone thinking your going to do those things any real harm needs to get educated about how they’ve been torture tested. It’s just not going happen. When I see people whining about spent fuel being transported through their cities on the way to a single repository, I cringe at the ignorance.

  2. I was referring to the NRC regs that say that the civilian NPP’s are licensed for peace-time use.

  3. Don’t believe any of this about sudden atom-love among “progressive” types. It’s lip-service of how “open-minded” they are. Their heart and the money’s going into “clean coal” and gas, not a wish-list of whiz-bang new reactor technologies the public’s chronically skittish of, thanks to totally unrebutted reports as this:


    1. @BOA3

      Bills introduced in the last Congress expire. Process starts again with the newly seated congress. This hearing was to consider the reintroduced Senate version of the House of Representatives bill you are tracking.

      1. H.R. 590 is of the 115th (Current) congress. It was introduced on Jan 20 2017.

        If the EPW is pro nuclear (which I wish the whole government was, maybe Trump is, I don’t know), then I wonder why they have taken so long to approve of bills like these (last action on H.R. 590 was on Feb 10, when it was referred to the EPW).

        1. @BOA3

          Sorry. Misunderstood. Even so, I would counsel a little patience while still pushing. Considering that the Senate organized a hearing on S. 512 within a month after H.R. 590 was referred to it, I’d say the wheels are turning about as quickly as can be expected. I’m encouraged by the effort being made to ensure that the passed bill is a good one.

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