1. @EntrepreNuke

      As a result of the research done for this post, I found and purchased a biography of Dr. Yalow written by a close observer of her life and work.

      She was most certainly an amazing scientist who lived up to her professional inspiration. She read Eve Curie’s incredible biography of her mother at a formative time in her life and decided that was the way she wanted to live her own life.

  1. Has Bob Applebaum shown up anytime lately around here? I don’t think I have seen anything from him in over a year now. I bet he would loooooove this posting.

    1. @EntreprenNuke

      Nope. Applebaum is part of a quietly disappearing generation of aging antinuclear activists. Of course, I’m sure that he would deny the fact that he has been working in opposition to the development of nuclear energy for most of his career.

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