Atomic Show #299 - Dr. Chris Keefer, C4NE 1

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  1. Great show Rod and Chris. Glad to see my own fellow Torontonian and colleague made it onto your show Rod. Thanks to you both for the contagious chat praising CANDU and nuclear plants in general.

  2. This was a great episode. You know it doesn’t seem that long ago when they were shutting down nuclear plants due to the low price of natural gas. I think the cost pendulum will continue to swing to higher natural gas prices. As Rod alluded to in the episode, investors are not flocking to new oil and gas projects.

    This doctor was incredibly well informed and articulate.

    Perhaps some of the tools he used to save Pickering could be used in the United States to initiate new nuclear projects. The idea that nuclear plants save lives is a marvelous tool for selling the projects.

    I thank you and the doctor for educating myself and others.

  3. I greatly enjoyed the interview with Dr. Chris Keefer, especially his
    discussion of CANDU reactors. Now I want to learn more about how
    CANDU reactors can accommodate a Thorium fuel cycle. If claims
    of 80% improvements in used-fuel efficiency prove valid, that could
    mean big savings in used fuel long term storage requirements, both
    in volume and storage lifetimes (300 vs. 3e+5 years).

    Source: World Nuclear News
    Article: Clean Core prepares for testing of innovative fuel (15 Jun 2022)

    Hopefully similar improvements are possible with MSRs in a finite
    amount of time.

  4. Two of my favorite podcasters on nuclear power. Thank you Rod Adams for being there in the beginning of pro-nuclear power advocacy. Thank you Dr. Chris Keefer for advancing the ball down field ( To use a football term ).
    I still think CanDu is one of the best names for a Reactor I’ve seen

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