Atomic Show #298 - Marcus Seidl - Researching small modular reactors near Hamburg, Germany 1

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  1. “dictatorship of a stubborn minority”
    That is a problem for nuclear energy in a lot of countries.
    In the US that is a problem for the gun control & abortion issues. The sensible policies followed in many other democracies are loudly vetoed by a stubborn minority in the US.

  2. Great quote; couldn’t have said it better (although it echoes my thoughts):

    “The German experience also shows the impact of what I call the “dictatorship of a stubborn minority”. Likely, most Germans do not really care about nuclear. They are neutral. But there has been a hardcore group of people who stubbornly refuses to discuss nuclear power rationally. Some of those people are now in government. The same government who urges people to deal “rationally” with the Covid-19 pandemic. These are all contradictions which are hard to swallow for a scientist or engineer.”

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