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  1. How refreshing to hear Rod remind those pro-nuclear climate change activists who found a rough welcome in Bonn that doing the exact same thing to coal, oil and natural gas has been the standard treatment provided to people like Alex Epstein!

    I am really amused to hear the stories from Bonn, as if those who claim to be “environmentalists” would really care about humans having access to cheap, plentiful and reliable energy.

    Surprise, they don’t.

    They don’t care about energy for humanity one bit, all they care is to disrupt modern society, and turn the dream of a worldwide central planning into reality.

    They have now found that the best path to achieve control on the population at large is to scare them with all sorts of panic about something, before it was the “population bomb” but it did not work, before again it was the “silent spring” but it did not work either. But they now see that with the “climate change” scare tactics and the resulting policies, which are mostly anti-human, they can achieve something.

    This is precisely the same tactics they use against fossil fuels.

    And this is why reading Alex Epstein’s “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels” has broadened my view from nuclear to a much broader perspective, that of finally understanding that there are many people who want to take away OUR freedom to do what we think it’s best for us and for the planet.

    And this is why I myself have been booted off from the “nukes” Facebook group a couple a couple of years ago, by people using the same exact fascist tactics used in Bonn by those who were attacking the podcast guests and telling them they were fascists…

    What goes around comes around. And this is precisely why I have left the pro-nuclear movement the moment they all painted themselves “climate change believers”, which is precisely the same thing that Dr. Patrick Moore did.

    A great show indeed, with lots of food for thought. Hopefully.

    Bye, Luca
    Lausanne, Switzerland

    1. I’m with you on this Luca – and I suspect many nuclear supporters have the same dilemma with regard to AGW.

      I support nuclear because it has the ( proven ) potential to be the cheapest, least polluting and safest way of generating electricity. That current regulation in Western markets ( along with consequent lack of volume build ) , has made its capital price and time-to-deploy a serious obstacle, does not negate its other benefits.

      You raise an interesting and important point !

  2. What a wonderful podcast. That is one for the archives. Or for history for the book on the movement as Ben said.

  3. So your guests on the show were committing blasphemy against the anti-nuclear religion.

    Seriously the response they got reminds me of tales I’ve read about what happens in the Bible belt when someone says ‘I am an atheist’. It’s not as bad as dissing Mohamed in eg: Pakistan (or even being accused of dissing Mohamed)

    Anyway that was an excellent episode.

  4. Great discussion. Rod. Your five guests reported well. The issue of blind activism and hypocrisy from the extremists is perhaps the stark message we need. The idea that we can embarrass them into converting with facts and figures is quite far fetched. We can try attending 24 but it seems that to change minds it will be more important to show up in Bonn the rest of the year when the extremists are less present.

  5. The interesting thing about the anti nuke shouting “fascist” at Eric Meyer is his fascist behaviour. Fascists don’t allow their opponents to talk. The extremists that show up at rallies and events like these are pushing their views from a top down model. In other words they don’t have a foundation. The representatives from the pronuclear side share their views from a bottom up model. Like comparing a “house of cards” to a fortress. Picking other events that allow more rational exchange might be a better strategy than fighting at Cop24. Trump maybe was onto something when he pulled out.

  6. As you might expect, Rod, the behavior of the anti-nuclear people was no surprise to me. I’ve been in Brattleboro. I don’t need to go to Germany to be harassed. I can be harassed right near my home. Saves on airfare. 😉

    Great podcast! Also, I liked the way that the Bonn participants described so many of the things that I write about in the chapter “Getting ready for their rally” in my book. The strong bonding between the pro-nuclear people that participated in the counter-rally. The fact that the anti-nuclear *organizers* won’t talk with you, but individual participants may talk to you and actually be interested in what you have to say. It was great to hear all this confirmed, once again, from the people who went to Bonn. https://www.amazon.com/Campaigning-Clean-Air-Strategies-Pro-Nuclear-ebook/dp/B01MA5GU9Q/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1476806189&sr=1-1&keywords=angwin&refinements=p_n_feature_browse-bin:618073011

    Rod, thank you for getting this podcast together. Without this sort of podcast, pro-nuclear people are flying blind, because the mainstream media are not going to do a big report on pro-nuclear activity. We have to document it ourselves. Thank you.

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