1. Rod – thank you for adding Evan as an author in your blog. I check Atomic Insights daily, and Evan adds another great reason to come here.

    Evan – thanks for all of your efforts on behalf of rationality and optimism. I look forward to reading your posts. \

    I have a suggestion for an attitude or possibly a theme you might consider. In some of Gordon McDowell’s thorium documentaries, Kirk Sorensen talks about going back in time to say to key figures, “You knew about all of this. Why didn’t you do something?”, and how he doesn’t want his children and grandchildren coming to him to ask the same question. You, and others like Katie Hudek, are our children and grandchildren. You can ask – or even better, demand – answers to that question right now. Don’t let us wiggle out of our responsibilities.

    That’s just a thought. ;-}

  2. Evan,

    I recommend that you go with Mechanical Engineering, not that I am biased or anything.

    Joel Riddle
    B.S.M.E., M.S.M.E, MBA

  3. I am SO pleased to see Evan Twarog blogging here!

    Rod…thank you for the references to my blog. Thank you for everything you do and everything have done for Vermont Yankee.

    Thank you.

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