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  1. “… supposed to be adding zero carbon sources …”

    Really, we’re falling into a trap with expressions of this type. Just saying, and not that pointing this out is going to correct anything at the source, the minds of those mindlessly repeating this nonsensical mantra e.g. pols and/or the lay press … no one here would make such an err, eh?

    My pet peeve and $0.02 on this point.

  2. So I actually watched this entire thing…twice. I must say that I didn’t find much out I didn’t already know and I’m guessing that most in the audience didn’t either. You had a lot of smart people in the audience and up on stage in (generally) violent agreement. You had a few senators and other political types saying, “I don’t get what’s wrong with my contemporaries?” But at the end of the day, nothing that went on made me thing that we, as an industry, were any closer to being saved (or more precisely, being allowed to compete) than before the meeting. We’re gonna be gulping our last breath as the ship goes down saying,

    Engineer 1: “This whole situation really sucks and makes no sense”
    Crewman 1: “Yeah, I agree entirely. Why was our ship the only one they kept adding load to?”
    Manager 1: “Gentlemen, I agree entirely. I kept telling the managers at the yard that they were overloading you and that there were other ships not doing anything useful, but nobody listens. Well, at least you have my support”
    “Glug glug glug.”

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