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  1. It’s not usual to have documentary-tone language with such an ominous-sounding sound track.  At least from the vantage of the 21st century, you can smell the emotional manipulation.

    BTW, is there some reason AI isn’t remembering my name and e-mail any more?

    1. From the article:

      “The US Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) said a decision to reduce the EPZ would be a “potential regulatory breakthrough” that could accelerate future deployment of SMRs and advanced reactors. Such recognition of the enhanced safety features of small and advanced reactors could “greatly simplify the licensing of these technologies and increase their cost competitiveness”, it said.”

      Are there other industries that require a 10 mile evacuation zone?

      Seems like it should be termed common sense and not termed a “breakthrough”. If the new designs present no credible danger, the extra emergency planning should not be required. If this is approved, perhaps they can back off on other requirements that may not be applicable or necessary.

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