1. Hi Rod.
    I am in the process of establishing a non-profit Public Art organization regarding a transformation of the negative imagery surrounding the nuclear industry. I am an artist (and daughter of a nuke) and feel the need to address what I feel is the missing link in the “nuclear revolution.”
    I am creating new, inviting and positive imagery for my generation in order to displace the residual fear of past problems (particularly the Homer Simpson stereotype, which is sadly the primary cultural reference of the nuclear industry for most young people!).
    I just want to invite you to check out my website and was wondering if you can offer any advise in terms of networking with industry folks who might be able to get behind a public art project.
    I greatly appreciate the work that you do and hope that you find my concept helpful to the cause.

  2. Whoa! I knew I was in an august crowd on the podcast that night. But I didn’t realize I was qualified through the perception that I’m an active nuclear blogger… I’m afraid that’s a stretch, I’m sorry to say. I have several inactive blogs that are personal, and naturally I’m a fan of nuclear energy.
    Whew! Maybe someday I can put all the pieces together and get back to living up to my reputation…
    Thanks always for the vote of confidence, and the encouragement. I was honored to participate – I just didn’t realize what an honor it was!
    Thanks again, Rod!

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