Nuclear facts and feelings in pink and green by Sunniva Rose

Sunniva Rose is a nuclear engineer working on her PhD at the University of Oslo. She is also a talented public speaker who likes to capture her audience’s attention, partially by choosing colors like pink and green to highlight facts about nuclear energy, deaths per terawatt hour, and growth in human population.

In Nov 2013, she gave a TEDxOslo talk titled How bad is it really Nuclear technology – facts and feelings. For your convenience, I’ve embedded the YouTube video of that talk.

Ms. Rose is studying nuclear energy systems that will take advantage of thorium. She is not a fan of plutonium, but I will not hold that against her. She wryly points out that it might not be quite fair that Norway was endowed with both oil and perhaps the third largest thorium resource in the world. She is also rightfully proud of the fact that thorium was discovered in Norway and is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

At the end of her talk – spoiler alert – Ms. Rose channels her inner Stuart Brand by asking a puzzling question that needs to be posed more often — especially at gatherings of liberal, pro-science critical thinkers.

How is it possible to worry about global warming and not be pro-nuclear?

I’m not sure why none of my contacts have pointed this video out before now, but I am glad I found it on a Singularity, Inc. web page titled Still Don’t Believe?

Aside: Singularity, Inc.’s story is worth retelling. That is a task for another day and time. Please remind me if you do not hear more soon. End Aside.

Sunniva Rose has a multilingual blog – sometimes English, sometimes Norwegian – titled SunnivaRose – about nuclear physics and research and stuff. I recommend a visit; you might want to be using a browser that can perform translations on the fly.

While browsing Sunniva Rose’s site, I found this thoughtful and beautifully photographed piece about contrasts, challenges and opportunities related to nuclear energy.

Sushi & Nuclear (12min) from Bulldozer Film on Vimeo.

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