A Veteran Blogger for Nuclear Energy Has Returned – Dan Yurman Now Publishing “Neutron Bytes”

A familiar hand has returned to the nuclear energy information challenge. Dan Yurman who published the outstanding and popular blog titled Idaho Samizdat has published his first post on the newly created Neutron Bytes. The post, titled NRC to Spent Nuclear Fuel: Stay Put for Now discusses the recently issued Nuclear Regulatory Commission rule on the continued storage of used nuclear fuel.

That rule replaces the rule once known within the industry as the “Waste Confidence Rule.” It recognizes that the nuclear industry has developed safe means of storing used nuclear fuel for an indefinite period of time. There is no negative environmental impact associated with continued storage as long as human society remains operable enough to write and follow some simple rules.

It is wonderful to have Dan back from the hiatus that resulted from his greater than full time employment in an industry with only a moderate relationship to nuclear energy. Neutron Bytes promises to be a useful read and will occasionally provide stories from Dan’s newly enhanced passion for space related topics.

PS – I was out of town for the weekend. While I was gone, Dan has already gone and published his second post, titled New nuclear builds – news roundup.

If you’ve got a blog or post frequently on social media, please welcome Dan and help the search engines find Neutron Bytes.

Another Blogger For Nuclear Energy – Power for USA

Update: (Posted 08/21/2014 at 7:35) Donn Dears and I have continuing exchanging comments on his blog post about the destruction of nuclear energy. Atomic Insights readers might be intrigued by the way that the experienced, retired GE executive is responding to the “smoking gun” type stories I have shared with him. End Update. I was […]

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Another blogger for nuclear energy – The Actinide Age

I just realized that a new Twitter friend — @ActindeAge — had also started a blog named The Actinide Age. The publisher is an Australian working for a manufacturing company that is not related to nuclear energy, but that would benefit if energy was cheaper because of a less constrained supply. You can learn about […]

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Another blogger for nuclear energy – Atoms for California

There is a new web site / blog with a very interesting mission – changing the conversation about nuclear energy in California. Atoms for California is an attractive site run by a person with a unique perspective about the use of nuclear energy in California. His father has worked as a nuclear engineer for Southern […]

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Another blogger about nuclear energy – Lenka Kollar at Nuclear Undone

Lenka Kollar is a fascinating nuclear energy educator with an inherited entrepreneurial spirit. She recently decided to move forward from her job as a nuclear engineer at Argonne National Laboratory to form a consulting company and start a blog titled Nuclear Undone. I had the pleasure of meeting her face-to-face — after several months of […]

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Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy – Mike Walker at NuclearStreet.com

Mike Walker has just introduced himself as Another Blogger for Nuclear Energy. He posted his first blog titled “Big, ugly, and scary”, or How Hollywood has Misinformed the Public About Nuclear Power on NuclearStreet.com. Here is how Mike describes his blog and his mission: This blog will focus on how to communicate in an even, […]

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Another blogger for nuclear energy – NGNP Alliance

I’m perhaps a bit late to welcome the NGNP Alliance to the pro-nuclear blogging community, but it’s better to be late than to never share a welcome at all. I love the tag line that the NGNP Alliance has chosen for their blog – Digital Advocacy for Energy Density. It concisely captures my own motive […]

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Another blogger for nuclear energy – Entreprenuclear

I realized just how far behind I have gotten with my series welcoming other pronuclear bloggers when I looked back through my archives and realized that I had never introduced you to Entreprenuclear, a blog that has been pretty active since April 2012. Though he is currently maintaining his online anonymity, the man behind Entreprenuclear […]

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More bloggers for nuclear energy – I Dig U Mining and Nuke Roadie

One of the features of Atomic Insights that needs to be revived is the series titled “Another blogger for nuclear energy.” In that series, I happily announced and linked to a new (to me) blog written by someone who either focuses on positive aspects of nuclear technology or who covers nuclear energy from a positive […]

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Another blogger for nuclear energy – things worse than nuclear power

I happened across a link to a fascinating blog that started publishing in March titled things worse than nuclear power. The bloggers behind the site provide a hint about their identity with a cryptic subtitle “the take from a couple of MIT engineers”. The profile linked to the site provides more details indicating that the […]

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Another blogger for nuclear energy – Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nuclear

It has been quite a while since I welcomed a new blog and podcast to the pro-nuclear virtual world. I recently heard about a worthwhile effort being undertaken in the UK at Manchester University called Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nuclear. Here is a quote from their “About Us” page: As part of the Nuclear Society at […]

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Using art to communicate about nuclear energy – PopAtomic Ted Talk

Suzy Hobbs Baker is the founder and director of PopAtomic Studios. She is a professional, talented artist and the daughter of a nuclear engineer. She recently gave a TEDx talk titled Art & Nuclear Energy. In the video you will find out more about how Suzy found herself at a key intersection between liberal arts […]

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