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I realized just how far behind I have gotten with my series welcoming other pronuclear bloggers when I looked back through my archives and realized that I had never introduced you to Entreprenuclear, a blog that has been pretty active since April 2012.

Though he is currently maintaining his online anonymity, the man behind Entreprenuclear has shared some important information about his background – he has both an MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA. He is deeply interested in product development and in eventually pursuing a dream of being an atomic entrepreneur. For that reason alone, he should be encouraged; the world needs more independently minded people who recognize the amazing potential that remains tied up inside the nuclei of uranium, thorium and plutonium.

Go visit now. If you have a few free minutes, you should invest them by clicking on Entreprenuclear to see what it is all about.

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  1. Entreprenuke says:

    Thanks for the plug, Rod. As I have mentioned once or twice when I have found time for posts, Atomic Insights has been my primary inspiration for starting my own pro-nuclear energy blog.

    I will point out that “intrapreneurship” is every bit as important as entrepreurship, especially in the nuclear industry with its huge-looking barriers to entry.

    Adding/creating value wherever possible is what is key for either entrepreneurs who are their own bosses or for intrapreneurs working within the structure of a potentially very large organization. Don’t add non-value added steps to processes.

    • Entreprenuke says:

      And I left out an e and an n in that second paragraph. Entrepreneur can be a tough word to get right every time.

  2. Entreprenuke says:

    Rod, here is a Thank You post.

    You apparently boosted me to about 600 page views over the past 18-20 hours.