1. Thanks for the shout-out Rod!
    Yes, I have decided to be quite public with my internet persona these days.
    I really appreciate the post. Although not all of my posts will be nuclear focused, I”m sure it will make up a vast majority of them since it tends to be my area of expertise.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Scott! One question, though: why go from engineering to finance? I’m just curious because that was a switch I made right before college – one that I sometimes regret, but who doesn’t sometimes look over the fence and think the grass is greener?

      1. There’s a couple reasons. Primarily though it’s that I really do have that entrepreneur’s itch and in my current start-up I’ve found that I have bitten off a lot more then I can chew. My current job function is not fulfilling my needs as of what I want to be learning and how I want to spend my time. I love nuclear power but a typical engineering role has a very narrow focus.
        Where I grew up mechanical engineers are rare. Everyone seems to have gotten their liberal arts degrees and headed to wall street. By no means do I want that necessarily, but I do want to move towards a job function that gives me a better perspective of the business world i.e. investment banking, private equity or venture capital.

        1. Fair enough, all good reasons to make the switch. I’ve worked with some engineers that went and got their MBA in Finance. It seemed to work out really well for them – financially, at least.

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