1. You’d easily pick up conversational Japanese, Mr Adams – it’s arguably the most systematic language in the world.

    I left a part of me in Japan the first time i visited. I’d join you there if not for family and work. I’m not afraid of 30 uSv/hr, and I have you at least in part to thank for that.

    1. Japanese can be quite difficult to master. Not only has it different verbs depending on the level of respect between the speaker and the listener, but the dialects of Tohoku have a reputation of being incomprehensible to normal Japanese – speakers of such dialects are often subtitled on Japanese TV.

    1. @Martin Burkle

      I have added you to the mailing list I’m starting to keep people up to date on arrangements. Maybe we’ll have a large contingent of helping hands.

      1. You can add me to the list also Rod, if my Japanese could be of some help here, that would just be great.

  2. Hey, if this is for real, go ahead and put this 50 year old on your mailing list!

  3. Is there any way for atomicinsights or any nuclear blog to contact this group for moral support and social and technical feedback? They’d also be an excellent human interest asset in the fight against FUD and nuclear slander.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

        1. @E-P

          Thank you for the link. I added a few comments to the thread to explain my interest in joining the Senior Brigade and taking positive action to demonstrate that there is no reason to fear even the highest radiation doses reported in the documentary.

  4. I notice how at least early on that NHK doesn’t mention the quake or that the accident was caused by it. All I hear is “the disaster” minus the cause, like all nukes are accidents waiting to spontaneously happen. I hope Rod makes it to Japan and straightens out NHK of how “dangerous” the rad levels really are and the real political reason no one lives there! Oh, NHK rejects comments like this!

  5. Gather some inertia, Rod. I’m bettin’ you’re running full tilt towards a mountain of red tape. I wish you the best.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the swarm of jackass bureaucrats you’ll have to do battle with will eventually fold.

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