1. Pity that this is unlikely to have any impact on the course of events down there.

  2. Thanks for picture Rod, I was really worried. Oh wait, I do not have a house on the VY property. If fact, I do not live in Vermont.
    You should be worried Rod. Carl Pope wants to close down nuke plants based on junk science. Same with coal. Sounds just like Rod too on coal. Carl Pope is for burning natural gas but against drilling for it. Go figure!

  3. Based on your updated calculations, it actually sounds like using regular natural gas use to cook and heat with, as opposed to using the “fracked” gas from uranium ore that Carl Pope is personally promoting, which must be far worse, would expose a typical US consumer to more radiation than drinking from the most contaminated test well found at VY as their only source of fluid for a year.
    Things are getting very weird. Carl must have snorted too much broccoli.

  4. I demand all fossil plants be shut down. After all, the EPA and Supreme Court have ruled that co2 is harmful. And this isn’t a leak of a few molecules– its millions of tons per plant per year. They’re also more radioactive, making anti-nuke protesters look like hypocrites, even though it isn’t a harmful amount.

    1. @Zachary – Demand all you want but most people have enough sense not to be so foolish!
      Pope doesn’t have to rely on ‘junk science’ – he never bothers with any kind of facts – just chatters.

    1. We’ll have to put up with solar and wind for a while, and natural gas. I think wind will go away quickly, but solar not as quickly – specifically solar thermal – which has some uses for heating of houses. The key is getting nuclear acknowledged as the primary part of the new construction mix, which, on the merits alone, it should be.
      Once the really small, modular, transport anywhere in a standard intermodal container, plug and play power modules are deployed – probably Adams Engines – then we can work on getting rid of gas turbines and reduce gas to its proper use: cooking and chemical production.

    2. One might just as well say that ‘renewable energy’ is a key enabler of the natural gas industry, by providing a justification for building so many ‘backup’ plants.

  5. Rod, thanks for this post. In my opinion, the only tritium issue is the lack of trust that has been fostered by accusations of lying. I am glad to see people acknowledging that the leak itself is no-big-deal and not dangerous, and that VY deserves kudos for finding it so rapidly.

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