1. Just for the record, Trevor Findlay, is an ex-diplomatic apparatchik from Australia, and TVO (Television Ontario) has always been rabidly antinuclear. Fortunately, given TVO’s, viewership, programmes like this are only preaching to the choir.
    Years ago I cancelled my membership, and stopped donating to this network (which is the equivalent to NET in the States) because of their doctrinaire Green philosophy.

    1. DV82XL – I could be reading the body language incorrectly, but I thought that the interviewer indicated several times that he did not believe Findlay’s analysis.

  2. The real scary thing I think from this interview was the answer to the question of when people would be willing to use less electricity (around 26:55), “When they’re charge more […] electricity is too cheap, water is too cheap.” So basically, he’s advocating increasing the cost of these resources artificially to encourage conservation. Wealthy businesses and individuals who are more likely to not care for conserving these resources are more likely to absorb the extra cost; what the real impact would be is an increased cost of living and lowering standard of living for the middle class and poor. Exploding housing costs, as he mentions, already have a serious, detrimental affect cost of living; what people really need is cheaper more abundant access to electricity and water. Honestly, people want to be able to take reliable electricity and clean water for granted!

    1. Oops, I was looking at the wrong timestamp on the video for the “too cheap” answer, the point in the video is 18:30.
      Just watched the whole thing a couple more times though; lots of contradictions from Findlay, and a lot of places where he admits that he’s unsure, and has too little information, yet he makes strong assertions when he should just stop talking. Funny that he has the ego to “clean-wash” gas while accusing nuclear and coal of doing the same. The whole thing is baffling and suspect. I’m going to read this report of his to see if there is anything to backup what he said.

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