1. The Funkytown clips are not half bad, but they including only 10 seconds with a view of a nuclear plant and it is surrounded by wind mills and solar panels, putting those relatively useless and unreliable power sources on an equal footing.

    The word nuclear is not included in the voice over. There is no reason to be ashamed of being in favor of nuclear energy and no reason to obscure the support with distractions like wind and solar.

  2. Thanks for this. I agree that the Areva Funkytown ad is okay. I especially like the one truck move of the mining. But I’m also bugged by the almost useless (I guess that means slightly useful) windmills.

    I wonder what the political demographics are for people pro/con nuclear power. One of your participants raised the issue. Apparently she’d be surprised who makes up, say, Greenpeace and that “concerned scientists” bunch.

    I’m a (USA) Republican, an association I’m usually but not always happy with.

    I’m pro energy, like you, Rod– read my pitiful undergrad essay– the advancement of civilization is proportional to energy production/use, which seems to have a positively logarithmic scale where people are free to utilize said energy. And cleanliness of that energy is co-related, wood/wind/animal to coal/hydro/oil to (as far as I know) the ultimate in cleanliness and density: heavy metal supernova(e) remnants.

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