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  1. For thousands of years

    the combination of good eats and good talk

    has often been the context of significant social events (proposal of arrangement of marriages between families in the interests of inter tribal peace, graceful proposals of retirement, and eulogies to fallen tribal heroes, etc.).

    I think that friends of the Atomic Show Podcast can feel good about episode #134.

    What a wonderful, wide ranging and friendly geek fest of significant and amusing atomic tid-bits.

    Let’s see a return of this circle of friendship sharing good words around a meal in the service of nuclear advocacy.

  2. Chuck – there is no show just yet. We did have another meal and get together, but the ambient noise level was pretty high. It is yet to be determined if I can make a show of it. In the meantime, this particular blog post has been altered so that it is no longer an Atomic Show episode. There is also a gap in the numbering sequence – Show 134 does not currently exist except on the hard drives of subscribers who got it before I removed it from the web.

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