1. I wonder if Gore has listened to the classic solar siren song that occurs every time there is a big energy transition. Even when the Greeks were worried about wood supplies, they started talking about “going back to solar”. People need a lot of pushing to get used to a major energy transition.

    Great podcast. Keep up the good work.

  2. Rod,

    I just listened to show 125 (I’ve been slowly catching up over the last several weeks). BRAVO! This is one of your best efforts. I am bewildered by the lack of intelligent discourse regarding the limitations of “renewables”. The amount of traction Gore gets with the credulous media is amazing. I’m very frustrated by his “one size only” meme. Like you I’m a former submarine officer. I which someone would question him about the small reactors I spent several years operating. They were rated (according to wikipedia) at 16MWth. If Gore really cared about the environment, he would use his considerable clout to promote the REAL solution to climate change instead of simply trying to make a buck.

  3. Chuck – try looking at the situation through slightly different lenses. How do you think Gore would speak if his underlying motive was to sell natural gas and oil plus make some money from government subsidies for his investments in politically acceptable “renewable” energy technologies?

    Take a good hard look at the man, his background, and his lifestyle and ask yourself if he really behaves like a self sacrificing crusader for the environment.

  4. Rod,

    Exactly my point. I believe you have Gore figured out pretty well. My fustration is the pass he seems to get on his conflict of intrest in the matter (conflict of intrest is perhaps too strong a phrase). He was given the Nobel Peace Prize for promoting his company’s products! (Of course, my faith in that body isn’t what it used to be, they gave Yasar Arafat the Peace Prize too…)

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