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  1. No matter how many luminaries sign a letter, I’m afraid the unfortunate truth is that the American branch of the Nuclear Renaissance is going nowhere as long as this administration is in power. They will pay lip service all day long, but when it comes time for action they will find a thousand backdoor ways to kill it. If you want to see how that works just read Obama mentor Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”.

  2. Rod, John, great show… Thanks.

    I find it interesting that you guys talk more and more about policies. Without good policies, we will get nowhere near where we need to be regarding the use of nuclear power. I saw from some comments on other blogs that Orszag and people like him, more interested in cutting into investments then supplying more clean energy to a demanding world is not helping the nuclear cause.

    From this show, I have made some interesting discoveries and blogged about it:


    Thanks to you both,


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