1. Wind energy is dead. Some of us have been pointing out that the nuclear industry was doing squat in terms of lobbying or marketing but Exelon, the country’s biggest nuclear generator, is on board to eliminate the PTC altogether and has spent 6.4 million in a lobbying push.

    The Chicago-based Exelon, which is also the 11th-ranked utility in terms of wind generation, has aggressively lobbied lawmakers to end right away the tax credit because the policy distorts electricity market prices and hurts the company’s bottom line.

    There is clout to fight wind but I must agree with Rod, the end is near and some will find a way to pocket on their way out.

  2. Here in Australia, wind has had plenty of troubles. Fraud or not they haven’t lived up to expectations. Often during peak times of consumption, particularly high summer, wind turbine generation is at or near zero. The fact that so many are advocating the wind path worries me.

  3. Scenario 1 – developers take money and don’t finish. Bad for taxpayer, but good for nuclear since the negative priced wind power never hits the market.

    Scenario 2 – similar to scenario 1. Huge public outcry (like solyndra). Same result.

    Scenario 3 – developer takes money up front, but FINISHES project. Without PTC, they must sell at cost. No negative priced wind hits the market. Good for nuclear.

      1. In the long term, we will see who-how these non profitable wind mills will be decommissioned and dismantled, if ever.

        This I want to see. Because I think those skeletons are going to be left on plain sight to rot.

    1. Vermont has started to worry about the fact that the industrial wind farms are cutting the tops off of their beautiful mountains and clear-path cutting for roads and transmission lines for these eagle cuisinarts. Soon the mountains in VT will look like those in WV.

      1. @Rich Lentz

        Meredith Angwin recently blogged about an effort in Vermont to place a three year moratorium on new wind farm developments. http://yesvy.blogspot.com/2013/01/why-rush-to-industrial-wind-isnt-good.html#.UOqRW4njklY

        I highly recommend continuing to follow this topic. It is another one that should bring sone cognitive dissonance to the good people who sincerely WANT to make the world a better place, but who have been deluded by the ads and the propaganda to believe that building wind energy collectors on an industrial scale will help reach their goals. Instead, it is a dramatic distraction by the people who really do not want to allow nuclear fission, the truly ecological energy source, to gain traction.

  4. Here in Australia, there is an emphasis on wind generation and development in other renewable technologies despite their many and massive disadvantages. There is a mistaken belief that groups behind these developments have not and could not engage in fraud and that these systems are 100% clean and failsafe. This is where the lack of balance in the energy debate lies. I for one think that SMRs could go a long way to alleviating our energy problems and water issues (through desalination and cogeneration principles)

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