1. Jesus.

    I didn’t realize I sounded like that. Do as I say, not as I do. I hope I didn’t sound arrogant or as though I was trying to address two audiences at once (talking to Rod while keeping in mind that people were listening who could not be counted on to know anything about the subject but might know everything). Unfortunately, I think both happened–I caught myself slipping into that tone every once in a while and tried to correct it, but bits are forever. Time to put a paper bag over my head…

    That said, I was watching my words to try to not provide anything to anti-nuclear activists that hadn’t appeared in their own assessments; they know they’re in trouble if we take their base out from under them. But if I’d been able to stay on message and even (gasp!) improvise a little bit instead of saying two words and then stopping for 20 seconds to look for the third one, in the meantime composing the next sentence…I’d be a rock star. Sure.

    I was also trying not to sound like an NRC official (whose name escapes me), who spoke like an auctioneer at a hearing for about 20 minutes, entirely in acronyms, punctuated by “may I have the next slide please.” I think I went a little too far in the other direction, and I’ve gotta work on (a) not talking out of my nose and (b) grinding out those “Rs;” I know.

    And yes, you can do the math–I’ve never mentioned my age before, but it’s 17. There. 🙂 This is a professional online community; nobody’s going to use that to stalk me.

    Now, I’ve never misrepresented anything about it, but I’ve never really said anything about it either and people drew their own conclusions, which I am not responsible for. Thank you to those who did not automatically dismiss me and consider my ideas as-is.

  2. Stewart:

    You did a fine job and sounded thoughtful. It sure beats listening to someone who fills all of the pauses with throw away words like “you know” “like” and “soooo”.

    You should be proud of your knowledge and understanding and I hope you continue in your mission. I do, however, selfishly hope that you eventually reconsider your refusal to have anything to do with atomic energy from a commercial point of view. There is going to be a lot to do outside of engineering and people with your talent will be just as valuable as those who can do the engineering work.

    Looking forward to your redesign of NIOF.

  3. I haven’t listened yet, but will on my commute tomorrow. And I’ll pass the interview on to my professional acquaintences.

    17… the age at which I decided to join the US Navy because the recruiter and some tests said I had an aptitude for the Navy’s nuclear power program.

    Hey, whatever the interview’s like: You did it and “bits are forever” and I’m sure it’s fine. Can’t go back and edit like I’m doing over and over in this comment. Mistakes and mispronunciations: such things are considered okay in the audio format, believe me.

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