1. >>I cringe every time I see a group that is actively opposed to nuclear energy being labeled as an “environmental” group; the real descriptor should be “antinuclear” group. As everyone should know, nuclear fission power plants do not release their waste into the environment; the process is clean enough to operate inside sealed buildings and on board submarines, so it is quite friendly to the environment.<<

    Is it possible for you to devote an entire section — not just a topic, but a section on Public Atomic Education where means and methods could be discussed and actually launched into media and politician mailboxes or programs support? Yes, I chuckled of that "renewable" blog asserting how much money your blogs rakes in, but it's sobering to see just how much respect and recognition those anti nuclear blogs receive from the media, pols, schools and Hollywood. Here in NYC just forget the local news ever casting Indian Point or Millstone or Toms River plants in a neutrally favorable non-ominous light unclouded by impending doom, but there's absolutely no darkness nor drawback in gas/renewables-ville — and that view goes UNchallenged free and clear to the public. Ditto "science" programming. This weekend I glimpsed "Wonders of the Solar System" on Science/Discovery Channel, and be damned, the young turk "astronomer" host just couldn't bring himself to utter the words nuclear or atomic energy in how the stars formed, at most saying "the interstellar hydrogen and dust condensed and ignited into stars". It was unreal. I mean at least even greenie Carl Sagan did! Where are the balanced science shows that don't cast nuclear energy as the spawn of Darth Vader? Junior High/High School students in NYC metro are already discouraged and scorned on for just thinking of doing nuclear energy science fair exhibits while windmills and solar panels earn gold stars and white hats. Are students even currently being "penalized" with minus PC scores for an essay test favoring nuclear energy? I'm wondering where would such a piled-on pro nuclear student go for support for their cause. We BADLY need a pro-active pro-nuclear air support organ that will demand the media's equal time and demand correction of false or misleading reports and programming and support those in favor of nuclear energy from the green-besiged student on up. I'd like to know and list what pro-nuclear or nuclear neutral newscasters are around the country, get their station e-mails and request their ear to come aboard blogs like these or listen to nuclear's case for station balance, and to challenge the station's stand if no such balance appears. I'd like to invite and list all reports of instances of nuclear energy defamation and anti-bias slander in classrooms and PSAs and local periodicals to target due corrections on and support pro-nuclear individuals who might feel lost in the wilderness.
    I just feel time is overdue for action than just relating good but toothless nuclear facts.


    James Greenidge

  2. It would be an impossible task. The anti-nukes have at least a 30 year head start. The falsehoods, propaganda and FUD is interwoven into essentially every activity a child, young adult, person does. It goes way beyond “The Simpsons,” for example, many years ago I was getting the kids for breakfast one Saturday morning, CBS had a kids news show in the middle of their cartoon hour. In this clip they explained how nuclear power works. They did not use the mouse-trap/ping-pong-ball analogy, they had a “better” example. First they showed the H-Bomb explosion on the Bikini Atoll (note that it was a H-Bomb not an A-bomb) they then took that film-clip and multiplied it and shrunk it down so that thousands of these explosions were visible and superimposed them on the reactor vessel. Then showed how the heat of these bombs heated the water, made steam, etc. etc. I have never watched a single CBS news program since then. Keep your eyes open – the FUD is most TV shows, sitcoms, etc. Goebbels would be proud!

  3. Speaking of ani-nukes, N.R.C. Chief Plans a quick response to Post-Fukushima Study.

    Nothing like keeping the focus away from Yucca and the certification of the AP1000.

    The oldest trick in the book.

  4. I’m following your continuing argument on this theme but I’m not seeing much proof. There are a whole bunch of suppositions and inferences but nothing direct.

    My guess is you might be right but it’s all FUD at this point. If true, with proof of widespread practice, it is a great counter argument with emotional appeal. Who wants to do the bidding of big oil?

    1. @Crisis

      Hmmm. Do I detect a threat? By the way, Mr. Jones, I am kind of a prude who adheres to the philosophy taught to me by a former mentor:

      “Profanity is the crutch of a crippled conversationalist.” If you use language here that would offend my mother, I delete it.

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