1. There is one provision of S.512 that I do not agree with. This provision is capping the annual license fee at 2015 levels adjusting for inflation. Some areas of the country have experienced significant increases in property taxes, other state and local taxes and health insurance costs. If you want to keep existing employees and be able to recruit excellent new employees the licensing agency must have sufficient funds.

    1. @Suzanne

      I think most supporters of S. 512 agree that the agency needs to have sufficient funds to operate effectively, including attracting and retaining high quality employees. The burden of covering those costs, however, should be gradually rationalized so that it does not fall entirely on the limited and currently shrinking base of operating plants. That mode of operation results in a death spiral of ever increasing costs for each plant, causing marginal plants to close and even higher increases on the remaining plants.

      The “user fee” model of paying for regulatory services implemented by David Stockman and Ronald Reagan need to be updated to reflect the fact that many of the activities that the NRC does are not related to individual plants or even to the fleet of operating plants.

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