1. Wind power is my most despised source of energy. Unlike solar voltaic which for the most part lays on rooftops and doesn’t move (or do much), these gargantuan pinwheels misnomered as “turbines” are the antithesis of “green” energy. They are extremely resource intensive, land intensive, ugly, noise polluting, light polluting, bird killers, bat killers, unreliable, ugly as sin, produce pitiful amounts of power, and represent the worst nature of corporate scam artists.
    I’m sure we will see some type of turbine vandalism in the near future if it hasn’t happened already. Then barbed wire fences will surround them and the lies of “usable land in between” will become apparent. Amory Lovins promotes this lie. Moving shadow casts throughout the day and year can make great swaths of land completely uninhabitable to humans who like to enjoy a sunny day.

  2. Wind power is the ethanol of the electric power industry. Neither can be taken seriously as future alternatives to fossil fuels, IMO.

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