1. Good for them. I doubt that an earthquake damaged NPP would ever be brought back on-line in North America.

  2. Millions of tonnes per day? Gigawatt fossil fuel burners burn thousands of tonne per day, not millions. Probably you are applying a density you found for liquid natural gas to volumes reported in cubic feet. These volumes, even if used in the same sentence as LNG, actually refer to the volume it will have after reboiling and, as it warms up to standard temperature, expanding further.
    (How fire can be domesticated)

    1. G.R.L. – thank you for the proofreading correction. Oops. I need to be more careful about my unit conversions.
      I have deleted all references to the mass of the LNG pending a bit more research. All volumes in the post are based on standard temperature and pressure (STP).

  3. Some comments have been deleted as being inappropriate or off topic. Sorry for the intrusion and for the delay – day job still takes precedence.

  4. If you had told me right after the quake that it would be 2.5 years to get all seven (let alone just two) of the reactors running, I wouldn

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