1. 42 miles per gallon…Eh? Think about a Capstone size turbine generator but make that nuclear. Your car too can be nuclear powered. The problem is the cost to manufacture which, by the way, is a problem for Capstone gas generators and one reason they have not filled the niche market for automotive applications. Radiation is low level x-rays in no need of regulation. Essentially a cavitation steam generator of about 25 Kw.

    Har Matey, the first salvo is off!!!!

  2. By pushing for natural gas based electricity, Big Oil is also sabotaging electric cars. Electric cars can be significantly cheaper than gasoline with elecricity at below 10 cents/kWh, but with natural gas turbines, they are heading to European levels, (about 30cens/kWh and climbing fast), which totally erases any hope of powering cars alternatively.

  3. You are forgetting Rod that mass produced nuclear power plants could easily phase out existing natural gas power plants and heating application creating an enormous surplus available for transpo use.

    Shell has a GTL plant in Qatar that makes diesel for less than $35 a gallon.

    The real issue is that any application that uses natural gas for feedstock like that Qatar plant could easily use peak nuke hydrogen and atmospheric carbon instead at a far lower cost.

    Now that terrifies Big Oil.

    1. the original “Pickens plan” included using wind power to offset natural gas burnt in power plants, so it can be used as transportation fuel. As we all know of course, wind power actually increases natural gas use for power plants, so we burn more potential transportation fuel just to keep the lights on. Pickens needs to go nuclear

      1. If I remember correctly Pickens was not against nuclear a while ago. He is just less vocal since he can’t make money out of it.

    2. @Seth – did you mean to write $35 per barrel? Something tells me that there is not much of a market for diesel at $35 per gallon. 🙂

  4. There is less energy in current proven reserves of gas than in oil: Current proven world natural gas reserves 6,290.636 trillion cubic feet; Current proven world oil reserves 1,238.892 billion barrels.

    Concerting to common energy units using WolframAlpha:
    6.863×10^21 joules in gas and 7.57×10^21 joules in oil reserves

    6.86 < 7.57

    Something to think about.

    1. I’ve got my WolframAlpha Android app installed. For giggles, try inputing this: “10 kiloton nuclear explosion”

      Looks like they incorporated a little of Glasstone and Dolan.

  5. The economics of gas-powered plants is also interesting. Gas plants increase the marginal price of electricity overall. A good discussion of the effects, and the incentives this sets up can be found here (the article is very pro-wind power, but nuclear is in the same boat in this respect):

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