1. Alexander Lennartz once said that: “One of the main reasons energy policy in [North America] is so poor and disorganized is that the public is genuinely disinterested in how their homes are powered as long as the bill is reasonable. A blas

  2. If it is worth anything, the history of energy transition is filled with the general public wistful for solar and wind whenever a new energy technology takes hold (e.g., numerous solar engine designs appeared when oil took the place of coal in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I would not expect anything less for nuclear energy.

  3. It seems that the current natgas drilling practice have some unintended consequences (read: nasty pollution), in example below creating the real fire water coming from your tap! This is apparently going on for years in Syracuse, NY. Where are all the green groups? (Perhaps hiding behind a gas tank).
    quote: “Fred Mayer holds a lighter to his faucet, lets the water run, and

    1. That’s hydrofracking for ya. Dig a hole down deep, and blow them rocks to smithereens! Drill BABY DRILL!
      Unfortunately, what might be acceptable down on the Texas Panhandle doesn’t necessarily work too great with those uptight Yankees in Upstate New York. But just think of the possibilities! Clean-burning ‘green’ natural gas can be delivered to distant locations through the local water system…brings a whole new meaning to “hot shower”, now doesn’t it…

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