1. The optics would have been better if only a minority of the presenters were obviously non-Americans.  Whatever their merits, the American public is increasingly tired of foreigners coming here and asking for handouts that they and their families do not receive.  That includes policies favoring their efforts.

      1. You mean “US citizen”.  Paperwork does not make someone an American.  Heritage and culture do.

        1. @EP

          We’ve had similar conversations before. You have the right to your own opinions and the U.S. government is constitutionally prohibited from passing any laws that restrict you from speaking and writing whatever you think or want to write.

          Atomic Insights is not covered by that provision. Future posts from you or anyone else that questions the legitimate and constitutionally defined process for people to become Americans and obtain all rights and privileges of that title will be summarily trashed.

          I’m leaving this thread posted so that I can link to it in the future if necessary.

          This policy has been restated in as clear a language as I know how to use.

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