1. It’s not a power plant per-se. A substation really. Transformer failures can be so dramatic.

  2. I saw a report on Drudge of a 6-alarm fire in Breezy Point (Rockaway) that had destroyed about 50 homes. There were rumors that it was natural gas related, since electricity had already gone out. Someone had called in to the gas company trying to get the service shut off to that area. No confirmation yet, but I would not be surprised if it were an NG-fed blaze, and even less surprised that the media would not give it the same coverage as TMI or Fukushima.

    1. It’s not up to a hundred homes burnt, and it smells more and more of gas :
      “National Grid did not shut off the natural gas supplying Breezy Point, New York, until the morning after the fire that burned more than 100 houses”
      “Electricity is relatively cheap and easy to shut off.”
      “But natural gas is more costly to shut down as it involves sending a worker to every home”

  3. I saw the Oyster Creek story splattered everywhere. Zero chance of a problem there. Not that there were casualties in Japan due to nuclear power anyway.

    Of course there was the Fujinuma Dam failure in Japan in the 2011 EQ that killed 8 and this is a storm still producing extreme amounts of precipitation in some areas, yet zero mention of Dams and Reservoirs.

    What problem this actually represents is a total failure of responsible and reasonable media reporting.

  4. Reading about Mr. Lilenthal reminds me of Bradford and Jaczcko. In Mr. Lilenthal’s defense though, there was less information on nuclear technology at that time vs the present. Still, it is interesting that anti-nuclear sentiments date back so far.

    1. Dont stop there; the philosophy driving it dates back to and past American Transcendentalism ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcendentalist ).

      That gained prominence and has been ricocheting around since the publication of “Walden; or, Life in the Woods.” back in 1854. Not to bash it, there are wonderful and empowering ideas and concepts presented in it, particularity the all elusive lesson of patience.

      However the diverse habitats of earth cannot support, and we simply cannot afford to live in varying degrees of perpetual mass anachronism. There are too many of us wanting to new and different things, which inst necessarily a bad or negative thing either if you move beyond mindless allegiance to dated philosophies and world views.

  5. Dear Rod, Thank you for your ionformation. Today, in almost all Chinese websites, it is said an expolsion was occurred on a “CON-Di-Sen” station of a subway causing power shutdown in Manhattan 310,000 residents. I feel uncertain that a subway station trouble will cause so many residents power shutdow. It is so called ” incorrectly relaying an erroneous information “. Someone misunderstands the word “substation” as “station of subway”. I will spread this correct information to Chinese media.

  6. Re: David E. Lilienthal, “I would not dream of living in the borough of Queens if there were a large atomic power plant in that region,”

    Someone please rebutt this clown and especially Arnie (still getting away scott free uncontested) in the Times or Post or the Girl Scout Newsletter at least?

    For me, the sole “rational” reason to oppose nuclear power really lies in philosophical hang-ups — and you can whip up dozens based from Hollywood Doomsdays to Hiroshima guilt to wild Luddite nightmares, but mostly based on sheer ignorance which anti-nuke pros gleefully sow and graze uncontested. You just can’t hammer nuclear energy on safety issues since with over -sixty- years of -worldwide- operation (even with varying standards of competence), the mortality scores of nuclear plants, _including_ worst case rare events like Fukushima and Chernobyl -combined- have killed less people than a Greyhound bus carries. Try that one on the mortality scoreboard marked up by oil and gas accidents that occasionally put whole communities away somewhere within that same period alone — forget their pre-nuclear stats and victims, and that doesn’t even include the routine every-day pollution and uncontainable waste and by-products of fossil fuels which have promoted far flung millions of cases of real-life — not speculations or fantasy– respiratory and skin aliments during literal centuries of use. For one to oppose nuclear energy based on health and environmental and safety grounds instantly makes you one fat public health concern hypocrite.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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