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  1. James Conca responded to Rod Adams:

    Hindsight is fine, but you really had to evacuate for two months as I-131 died away and you figured out what was going on and stabilized the reactors, as they did. You could not have predicted at that time that so little radioactivity would be dispersed. But most should have returned at that point.”

    First, the IAEA guideline of evacuating a 5 km / 3 mi radius would have made much more sense than the 20 km /12 mi radius evacuation adopted by the Japanese government. Second, I think one should have known based on the type of reactors that radiation releases would be very low, at least within an order of half a magnitude.

    1. Plus the Japanese leadership could have avoided much of the damages had they not had a say in venting the hydrogen. All these chain of events subsequent to the tsunami itself that could have reduced damages and harm; key wrong decisions made that stemmed from radiophobia.

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