1. Rod – thanks for the video. I love the statement at 1:55 about load following. I’m especially taken by the vision of a wind farm or solar installation putting in a SMR to remove variability, collecting ‘green’ subsidies to build the facility, and then collecting generous feed-in tariffs on what’s essentially nuclear energy. Hilarious!

    I’m curious about the load following ramp rates in the m-Power design. Are you at liberty to comment? I feel sure that the reactor and the generator have to be designed jointly and that there are many tradeoffs.

    Also – is there any discussion at B&W about modular reactors designed to fulfill Cal Abel and Jim Holm’s vision of replacing coal boilers with nuclear boilers in existing power plants?

    1. Andrew,
      You make an interesting point that I have never heard stated as concisely. Wind and solar installations, at present, are really just remote gas plants that occasionally cycle down (between 15% and 30%) to accommodate the unreliables.

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