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  1. I agree with Zinke when he supports domestic energy sources to avoid resource wars. This is one of the strongest reasons I have for supporting nukes.

  2. Good report and info.

    Re: “Nichol rejected the moderator’s implication that nuclear energy suffered greatly from public perception challenges, noting that national level polls show broad support.”

    Let’s be honest that such polls never asks the respondent if they’d want a nuke in their vicinity, not comfortably three states away. That’s why in reality almost no one really cries for any in their own state as we’ve soberly witnessed, and of course those closest to one profit most by the jobs and taxes a local “imposed” NPP rakes in. Incomplete and misleading polls only skews public perceptions and resistance in NPP placement policy and the effort to effectively and aggressively challenge the antis without assuming there’re ready acceptance for NPPs and no real hearts and minds to win over. That’s what the nuclear community has fatally assumed for generations.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY.

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