1. Happy to see that you’ve discovered this nice BBC video from my tweet, Rod! It’s always an honor to be retweeted and now even blogged by “Atomic” Rod!

    Happy Nuke Year!

    Luca Bertagnolio
    aka Futuro Nucleare

  2. Fail poor science
    Gamma spectrometry, lead castle and a 2 inch sodium iodide thallium doped scintillation crystal and your find a world of radioactivity in Brazil nuts.
    Small amount of uranium/thorium,radium etc

  3. Using a geiger counter on food is poor science as the instrument isn’t suitable for food radioactivity detection unless highly contaminated.

    Run the sample in a lead castle with HPGe or sodium iodide detector and your find NORM.

    Far better to explain NORM and the fact it is everywhere, than as the video presented makes out no radioactivity-when it should state that any Norm is either at background level or below geiger counter detection.

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