Atomic Show #309 - Matt Huber, Geography of Energy 1

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  1. Another good podcast. I hope I’m not the only commenter this time.

    I knew i would like this speaker the minute he railed a bit against the neoliberal economic ideas that have dominated our politics for the past 50 years. Then he talked about the New Deal ideas (REA) that brought electricity to my grandmother’s farm many years ago. I was hooked.

    Rod and the speaker impress me as pragmatists. The discussion of the necessity of building new transmission to accommodate renewable energy lines and substations was good. Too often this is glossed over by those who dream of a renewable energy future. I really like the idea of replacing coal boilers with reactors. Hopefully, Security requirements and emergency plans required for nuclear plants won’t ruin this idea.

    It’s somewhat disturbing that the impression was given by Mr. Huber that renewable energy resources are being built as tax shelters for the wealthy rather than for people’s needs.

    Thanks for the podcast.

    1. @Eino

      I also hope others join in the conversation.

      Are you disturbed because you don’t agree with Dr. Huber’s understanding or are you disturbed because his analysis makes sense and offends your sense of fairness?

      1. I guess the sense of fairness. I don’t like to see electric generation facilities built that may not be needed and I certainly do not want to see the members of Society who need no assistance to get rewarded for building these unneeded public works. However, with the closure of coal plants, the growing sales of electric vehicles, the possible re-industrialization of America, “natural” growth of electrical need and the necessary fight against global warming, maybe it’s not so bad. Sorry for the delay in response.

  2. Speaking of the benefits of repurposing sites of retired coal and oil power plants, Jessica Lovering of the Good Energy Collective has published what I think is an excellent article on the subject, using micro-modular reactors like USNC’s: “A Techno-Economic Evaluation of Microreactors for Off-Grid and Microgrid Application” in a journal “Sustainable Cities and Societies” (URL: Check it out!

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