Atomic Show #308 - Alyssa Hayes, Nuclear Energy Advocate 1

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  1. Another good podcast.

    This woman was inspiring. Maybe, I’ll even change some of my couch potato ways and get out and do some good in the world as she does. Come to think of it – Rod does a lot of good too.

    It’s possible that Germany could restart their nuclear plants. The Green Party of Finland actually endorses nuclear power. I guess Hell does not have to freeze over for people to change their mind. The fact that the future state of the planet depends on clean energy is a big incentive to allowing one’s mind to be open.

    Once again the Zion plant was mentioned. If it hadn’t been shut down, it could be producing clean energy today.

    Rod’s comment on wind and solar being an incomplete solution resonated with me. Last Friday I drove North on I-39 in Illinois. There wasn’t enough wind for the hundreds of windmills that line the interstate to be spinning. I passed through the town of Byron There I saw water vapor clouds glistening in the afternoon sun from the nuke plant’s cooling towers. Without her work, that plant may have been shut down. A lot less clean energy would be produced.

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