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  1. Good Episode – Good overall summary of present conditions and it appears positive.

    Suggestion – The Russian company Rosatom Nuclear seems to have quite a world wide presence. I checked the podcasts and didn’t see anything about them since episode 54. To be honest, I didn’t go back any further. I’m just suggesting that some aspect of this company may be worth an episode of some sort. It could be timely since they have had some peripheral involvement with the horrible war in Ukraine.

    1. Yes, the Russian government is FINANCING and building large PWRs with risky (bad credit) customers from Bangladesh to Egypt. USA prefers to just give the money away without building the infrastructure.

      1. @Micheal scarangella

        Agree. Many influential people in the US seem to prefer giving money to poor countries and poor people who live in the UD instead of investing in helping them become more independent and productive.

        That seems especially true when it comes to nuclear energy.

        I can’t imagine why. Perhaps others can explain.

  2. The prospect of SMRs suddenly appearing all over the energy-poor world is very attractive from a decarbonisation point of view. However the proliferation police need reassurance that no one could run their brand-new pure-uranium fuel for only as long as it takes to breed up a small quantity of Pu239 before it becomes denatured by Pu240. The possibility could be averted by alloying in enough recycled fuel to ensure there is always a denaturing level of Pu240.

  3. Thanks Rod for inviting Dr. Bilbao y Leon of WNA to the podcast for
    an excellent interview. Regarding responses to inaccurate claims of
    the nonexistence of small modular reactors and nonexistence of their
    testing, here’s an interesting news report by WNA on China’s recent
    demonstration of a two-module gas-cooled pebble bed reactor prototype:

    Article: China’s demonstration HTR-PM reaches full power
    Source: World Nuclear News, 09 Dec 2022
    URL: https://www.world-nuclear-news.org/Articles/China-s-demonstration-HTR-PM-reaches-full-power

    So as people in the US argue that 100% renewable grids are
    the only way to fight climate change, that pebble-bed nuclear
    reactor designs are inherently too expensive, and that SMRs
    generate too much nuclear waste, I think that we’d be better
    off spending less time on these debates and putting more of
    our own resources into learning by doing, starting with facts,
    science, and STEM education.

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