Atomic Show #285 - MMR at Illinois 1

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  1. It is very difficult to find out the cost of this reactor. Nuclear needs to compete on COST!!!

    I also wonder if MMR could follow the same process with the NRC that Oklo did?

    1. Commercial products need to compete on costs. This is a research tool that has many uses and produces numerous non existent capabilities for the university. Initial cost is just one of several measures of effectiveness.

      1. That’s a very fair point on cost for this research reactor. At the same time, this research reactor is great advertising for Ultra Safe Nuclear and for students who would want to implement their tech in industrial applications. Future costs will be a key factor in the ability to make sales.

        I will love to hear if they need to qualify the TRISO fuel for several years in the same way that the graphic ball style TRISO has been undergoing testing. In other words, can they deliver the fuel?

      1. Ya, I thought you might have overlooked the possibility which is why I was sure you needed to be reminded… (grin).

        I did notice that expensive helium was being used rather than nitrogen. I wonder what the actual efficiency difference is between the two gases?

        I really like the MMR design that separates the nuclear heat generation from the various uses of that heat. I love the use of the Molten Salt for the transition. The use of LEU that is almost HEU is fantastic giving a 20 year run time between refueling.

        I especially like that the reactor will produce industrial level outputs in various directions. Brilliant!

        The fact that the controls will be aimed at a rotating student staff gives a lot of hope that the reactors can be used in places that are marginal or have a corrupt government or lower educational level.

        The type of fuel is a perfect fit for deepisolation disposal.

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