1. A good summary on the dispute between David Brower and Ansel Adams regarding Diablo Canyon can be found in Adams’ biography. Ansel Adams was an advocate for nuclear energy. David Brower eventually left FOE to form the Earth Island Institute. He became quite the deep ecology spokesperson.

  2. Instead of resembling an industrial site, could a new reactor “farm” (multiple small, modular units) be designed as a “lifestyle park”, with lush landscaping, gardens, orchards (irrigated with pruified water) hiking/biking trails, climbing rocks, waterfalls, wildlife preserve, etc.? Wouldn’t this approach serve to quiet at least some of the NIMBY’S? Wouldn’t this approach also serve to show just how healthy living in close proximity to atomic power can be?

    1. @Andrew Peter

      You mean like the old Cuttler plant where FP&L held its annual company picnics?

      Funny you should ask. There are quite a few attractively sited nuclear plants in operation in the US already. Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, River Bend in Louisiana, or Diablo Canyon in California all come to mind. Unfortunately, the sites have restricted access based on the silly notion that people flying airplanes into large buildings means that one should keep people away from nuclear power stations.

      We are working hard to design a less intrusive power plant but we are still required to surround it with high security barriers that are not especially attractive..

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