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  1. On the smart cars

    i know that in the the Us there is a false idea that bigger cars are safest well the smart proves that to be wrong.

    the use of the a rigid frame, a solid steel “Tridion” frame. made a very safe car

    you can check the safety tests by euro standards

    In order to make maximum use of the minimal crumple zone at the front, the smart fortwo has its engine positioned at the rear of the vehicle

    the gasoline turbo charged 698 cc engines go from 50hp to 100hp my just playing whit the electronics.the turbodiesel engine has 799 cc displacement 40 hp.

    but for the us only a 999cc engine with 71hp is available,.

    in the future maybe a 98hp version. is 50 mpg US

    but my european diesel micro hybrid smart car does 80mpg.

    but going to what matters

    the smart car is fully highway road going even if its top speed is electronic limited to 95mph for safety reasons

    i personaly i hace tanked it off my one

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