1. ” The US, if it pays attention to thought “leaders” like Romm, will be left in the dustbin of history as an energy poor nation that cannot engineer its way out of lawyer imposed poverty.”
    Well stated Rod.

  2. The antinuclear side is panicking now, and desperate attempts like this are the result, look at what

    1. I also think they have lost.
      Still, it rarely looks that way in Vermont, as you noted! I took a break from Vermont stuff and blogged about the World (specifically, Finland and United Arab Emirates) recently. Back to Vermont tomorrow…
      Though I blog about Vermont Yankee, my purpose is to encourage nuclear energy. Believe me, there are days when I have to remind myself of that. You know…two guys working in the middle ages. “What are you doing.” “Cutting these stones, can’t you see?” Or “Building a cathedral.” I’m building for nuclear.

  3. After reading this I was inspired to make a comparision between Atomic Insights and Climate Progress on Alexa.com. Right now, Atomic Insights blog outranks Climate Progress on Alexa by about 50,000 points. Joe has 14 sites linking in to your 181. Other energy “thought leaders” might have a little more name recognition elsewhere but as far as the web is concerned I’m happy to see Rod is beating out Joe for the competition on reading eyeballs.

    1. Jason – Huh? Did you look up the correct web site?
      Climateprogress.org is a huge liberal web site — widely read and (unfortunately) widely influential among Romm’s fellow patients in the insane asylum. It’s ranked 34,694 by alexa as I write this.

      1. It looks like I might have been premature in my assessment. There is climateprogress.org and .com, both are the same but give dramatically different rankings. Nonetheless, nuclear energy in general has been steadily growning in ranks across the web.

  4. “Fair and Balanced” reporting from Democracy Now? How refreshing. That interview would be akin to asking Chairman Mao and Komrade Stalin their thoughts about the benefits of freedom to the average citizen of their respective countries.
    If DN had instead interviewed Romm and Rod (or DV8, Kirk, John Wheeler, Jack Gamble, etc.) then that would be a worthwhile exercise in journalism. But DN is not interested in journalism any more than Greenpeace or the Sierra Club is interested in the environment.
    Here’s to hoping your comments get through the “moderator filter” (aka – censor).

  5. From an op-ed in The New York Times by Robert Bryce:
    “On Wednesday, John Kerry and Joseph Lieberman introduced their long-awaited Senate energy bill, which includes incentives of $2 billion per year for carbon capture and sequestration, the technology that removes carbon dioxide from the smokestack at power plants and forces it into underground storage. This significant allocation would come on top of the $2.4 billion for carbon capture projects that appeared in last year

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